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In 2005, a rickety yellow school bus made its usual stop at Lennore Avenue. This stop was where Dillon Wilfong and Ben Vennard got off the bus and made the walk to their neighboring homes in St. Louis, Missouri. Ben and Dillon had been friends and school mates since the second grade, but it wasn’t until the winter of 2015 that the two friends began their venture into songwriting. Vennard carried a background of rigorous classical training on upright bass and piano, while Wilfong learned to sing and play guitar by studying rock and blues records. The pair discovered a great creative potential when they combined their near opposite backgrounds of musical influence. Beginning in December of 2015, Dillon and Ben wrote songs over a period of six months, recording everything they wrote in a corner bedroom of Dillon’s basement using home recording equipment. These recordings were collected onto their first album Out Thru the Window released in June of 2016 under the name The Matching Shoe. Yet to be officially released, Out Thru the Window consisted of six original songs, with all parts played and recorded by Wilfong and Vennard. The album features Wilfong on vocals, guitars, drums, and electric bass, and Vennard on keyboards, piano, upright bass, and string arrangements. Newly formed, The Matching Shoe began performing as a duo in and around the St. Louis region at clubs, restaurants, parties, and anywhere else they could be heard. The duo was gaining recognition, but Dillon and Ben envisioned more for the project. In August of 2017, The Matching Shoe released Don’t Hide It Divide It - an original five song EP recorded at Sawhorse Studios. Recently joined by drummer Dominic Anzalone, the three piece debuted the album in a flurry of differing venues. The EP gained a foothold and their audience was growing. The Matching Shoe began playing on local radio and appearing on television interviews. By October 2017, the group was invited to play the main stage at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. The Matching Shoe presented itself at the NAMM as a four piece group in January of 2018; Dillon and Ben on vocals, guitar, and keyboards, Dominic on drums, and Lia Spanos on bass guitar. Onlookers in the audience included people from every corner of the globe, and every outlet of music industry. Their performance at the NAMM led to playing new venues and clubs in Los Angeles, CA where The Matching Shoe was heard by new crowds. After several trips to L.A., Ben and Dillon returned to St. Louis, using the rest of the year to write new material and scale more of the St. Louis scene. It was early 2019 when the new material was ready to be recorded. The two songwriters returned to their roots and began tracking in the same bedroom where the project was born four years prior. Wilfong and Vennard again tracked each instrument, with the exception of one track featuring the meticulously faultless drumming of Dominic Anzalone. The recording were gathered and released as The Matching Shoe’s first full-length album Right On. Following the April 2019 release of Right On, the band embarked on a three-week tour playing venues in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and capping off the tour with a debut at the Huichica Festival in Sonoma, CA. With their first tour behind them, The Matching Shoe continues to write, record, produce, and play live music, making new appearances in cities across the U.S.